Perfume Wonder is a unique distribution company with an innovative approach for our exclusive Perfumes Brand portfolio, entirely through a high-class chain of sophisticated and chic beauty boutiques, located in the best spots of all major cities and regions of the Kingdom, targeting A class and special clientele seeking the best of exquisite perfumes, cosmetics, skin care products and accessories selected by professional connoisseurs. Striving to keep up with new market trends. We strategically, only supply the best of fashionable perfume outlets that guaranty Brand and product Visibility.

Vision :

Becoming the leading distributor of niche perfumes and cosmetics covering the entire KSA and GCC countries.

Mission/Objective :

*  To set an effective Marketing/Branding strategy which would give us a major edge to

enable us fulfill the continuous rise in demand for high class products from an increasingly competitive market and become one of the leaders for supplying nice perfumes and cosmetics.

*  Targeting A Class Showroom Chains with a strong product portfolio, highly

experienced sales and professional marketers.

*  Set the rules and top competition by head hunting and hiring high caliber personnel

to fill all the crucial divisions of the organization.

Values :

Our expert customers permanently require High Class quality products.
Ensure the excellent quality embedded in all our procedures and work process.
Originality and innovation is the key to our success.
Human asset is our real wealth.

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